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April News: Meet Adrian




Meet Adrian

Adrian came to us last week in our clothing room needing help with finding the perfect work gear and some clothing for his new job that he was starting in about one week!   He is wearing the overalls he received on his last visit which he loves for everyday wear.  Adrian and another client, who are both veterans, really hit it off and started helping each other put together some outfits while they told their stories of life in the past year.   Both men were teary-eyed and so thankful for the food, clothing and job assistance support they received from NourishPHX (fka ICM Food & Clothing Bank).  They were encouraging each other and saying this year would be better.  Before leaving they gave the “COVID” fist bump and side hug.  We were happy to witness the camaraderie and hope that these two expressed.

Arizona Gives Day is Tuesday, April 6!

You can help us provide our services to even more people like Adrian by becoming a monthly donor to NourishPHX or contributing a one-time gift.  Your monthly donation provides:
$33 buys 4 families nutritious dairy products
$79 supports a week of program management
$55 adds fresh protein to the diets of 4 families
$100 helps 2 people find living wage employment

Maximize Your Tax Credit:

You can maximize your Arizona tax credit donation for 2020 as well!  Contributions of $400 for individuals and up to $800 for married couples filing jointly can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state taxes. Our Qualifying Charitable Organization (QCO) code is 20385.  EIN: 86-0401223.

How do Donate:

You can donate today directly through the Arizona Gives Day website.

Beyond the Pantry Fact:

We have helped 40 people in our new job assistance program this year!  Our case managers help others with writing resumes, job search and find job-appropriate clothing and transportation.

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We are open Monday-Friday from 9-11AM for food services, no appointment necessary, please bring your ID. For job assistance, SNAP/AHCCCS registrations and to make an appointment in our clothing room, please call 602-775-5744.  Clothing room is open for same-day appointments Mon-Fri from 9-11AM.  Please continue to wear a mask.